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Chocolate Strawberry Cake

In Cake Recipes
On September 23, 2019
chocolate strawberry cake Being a blogger is abnormal some of the time. When I began this blog, I expected it to be a diary of sorts, connected to whatever I had prepared for the week. Incidentally it advanced into covering the formula of the day and the issues that I kept running into when making […]

Creamy apricot cake

On December 3, 2018

Creamy apricot cake Preparation time: 35 minutes Difficulty: Easy Cooking time: 20 minutes  Budget: Cheap For: 8 people Ingredients of the recipe (for 8 people) 1 Yogurt in glass jar Nature

Chocolate birthday cake recipe A chocolate birthday cake for the pleasure of young and old. INGREDIENTS For 6 people Dark chocolate: 200 g Sweet butter: 125 g Egg (s): 4 piece (s) Sugar powder: 150 g Almond powder: 70 g Wheat flour: 70 g DESCRIPTION OF THE RECIPE STEP 1 Preheat the oven to 180 […]

Yogurt cake recipe

On December 2, 2018

Yogurt cake recipe Yogurt soft cupcakes: the traditional dessert of the family kitchen, ideal for putting children in the kitchen! INGREDIENTS For 6 people Yogurt (s) nature (s): 1 piece (s) Egg (s):

Fluffy Cake Recipe with Orange and Green Anise PREPARATION For the cake Preheat oven to 200 ° Mix the ointment butter and the sugar with the pinch of salt. The mixture must whiten. Add anise seeds, mix. Add whole eggs and mix. Add the grated rind of the 3 oranges. Sift the flour with the […]
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