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Creamy apricot cake

In Cake Recipes
On December 3, 2018
Creamy apricot cake Preparation time: 35 minutes Difficulty: Easy Cooking time: 20 minutes  Budget: Cheap For: 8 people Ingredients of the recipe (for 8 people) 1 Yogurt in glass jar Nature 3 eggs 1 egg yolk 3 pot of flour 25 cl of semi-skimmed organic milk 1 jar of sugar 0.5 jar of oil 1 sachet of yeast powder 1 hazelnut of gourmet butter 10 mumps of apricot in syrup 1 tbsp. bitter cocoa powder Preparation […]
Basque Cake Recipe with Black Cherry Jam and Cream If you’ve never eaten, it’s time … it’s so good! A shortbread cake with black cherry jam from Itxassou or pastry cream. INGREDIENTS For 6 people For the cake Vanilla pod (s): 1 piece (s) Wheat flour: 300 g Sweet butter: 350 g Sugar powder: 200 […]

Yogurt cake recipe

On December 2, 2018

Yogurt cake recipe Yogurt soft cupcakes: the traditional dessert of the family kitchen, ideal for putting children in the kitchen! INGREDIENTS For 6 people Yogurt (s) nature (s): 1 piece (s) Egg (s):


Foam Mango Cake

In Cake Recipes
On November 5, 2018
Foam Mango Cake PREPARATION METHOD 1 hour and 30 minutes total time Hard wenge dough Make a well in the flour and mix the butter, sugar and egg in the well. Knead little by little into a smooth dough. Press the dough flat, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for about […]

Breton cake recipe

On September 22, 2018

The Breton cake that cooks with as much half-salt churned butter as sugar. INGREDIENTS For 6 people Wheat flour: 350 g Half-salted butter: 250 g Sugar powder: 250 g Yellow (s) of egg (s): 5 piece (s)

A crunchy dough disc with nuts, a headband of raw apples garnished with candied caramel apples. INGREDIENTS For 2 people For the dough Almond powder: 20 g Walnut kernel (x): 20 g Wheat flour: 40 g Sugar powder: 40 g Sweet butter: 40 g For garnish Apple (s) Pink Lady: 2 piece (s) Sugar powder: […]
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