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Best Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Simple, classic, and delicious chocolate cupcake recipe. This delicious and mouthwatering cupcake is topped off with the best chocolate frosting! So excited to share the best chocolate cupcake recipe now.

For the cake in the video: 4 x 7″ tins. Will also work for 3 x 8″ tins.
250g Unsalted Butter
250g 70% Chocolate
180ml Brewed Coffee (or 180ml Hot water with 2 tbsp Instant Coffee Granules)
4 Eggs
150ml Buttermilk (see link below for how to make your own)
3 tbsp Vegetable or Sunflower Oil
430g caster sugar
150g Plain Flour
150g Self Raising Flour
60g Cocoa Powder
3/4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
430g Caster Sugar
100g Butter
200g Chocolate (I like 50% for ganache)
100g Double Cream
If you want to fill and ice with ganache you can double this quantity.

125g Soft Unsalted Butter
225g Icing Sugar
80g Melted Chocolate (70% is best for buttercream)
If you want to fill and ice with buttercream you can double this quantity.

For a 6″ cake follow these ingredients. If you need something even smaller just halve all of the ingredients!
190g Unsalted Butter
190g 70% Chocolate
120ml Brewed Coffee (or 180ml Hot water with 2 tbsp Instant Coffee Granules)
3 Eggs
115ml Buttermilk (see link below for how to make your own)
2 tbsp Vegetable or Sunflower Oil
325g Caster Sugar
115g Plain Flour
115g Self Raising Flour
45g Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1/4 tsp Salt

75g Butter
150g Chocolate (I like 50% for ganache)
75g Double Cream
If you want to fill and ice with ganache you can double this quantity.

95g Soft Unsalted Butter
170g Icing Sugar
60g Melted Chocolate (70% is best for buttercream)
If you want to fill and ice with buttercream you can double this quantity.

I bet you’re as excited as I am. This cupcake recipe is sure to be a hit with many. Vanilla and chocolate are a match made for heaven.
It is both a German and healthy chocolate cake recipe. It is this reason I love it so much. This is the best chocolate cupcake recipe. It combines the best of both. It is rich and moist. You know that when something is rich, it tastes so good.
The ingredients you need to make this cake taste so rich and decadent are: Good ole’ fashioned oats, brown sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, cream of tartar and lemon juice. You can also add vanilla. There is a whole bunch of other things that will make this recipe special and unique. These will be shared later. For now, let’s talk about how to make the best chocolate cupcake recipe.
Let’s begin with the bottom layer, which is the flour. The flour will make the cake batter so thick and smooth. This ingredient will make the cake rich and delicious. The pudding mix is next. This is the stuff that makes the mixture of cocoa and water to have hot chocolate or hot coffee as you like.
Then we have the milk, eggs and cream. These are the essential ingredients for the perfect chocolate recipe. If you want your chocolate cupcakes to be moist and flavorful, you need the wet ingredients: flour, dry oats, baking soda, and vegetable fat. This is the ingredient that will give you the moist chocolate recipe you are looking for.
A good chocolate flavour is the next thing to consider when creating delicious chocolate cupcakes. This is a combination of the melted chocolate and the way you mix the ingredients. It would be best to combine a good tasting chocolate flavour with the liquid as the cocoa butter will thicken the mixture.
You can also add liquor to the mixture. To give the mix a more flavorful touch, you can add white distilled whiskey or Grand Marnier, brandy, vodka, or triple sec. It would be best if you chose high-quality chocolate frosting for your cupcakes. It will give you the perfect texture and taste. There are many recipes on the internet that use various recipes, but they do not work very well, so you should try and stick to the moist chocolate flavour.
You must bake the recipe according to the instructions and let it cool down before using it. You have two options: either follow the recipe or bake them according to it, which is quicker or substitute confectioner’s sugar for the cocoa powder. Because it tastes better, I recommend using real cocoa powder. Now all you have to do is frost the cake and put it in the oven. Once it is done, take it out of the oven.
The instructions are very clear; you only need to measure the ingredients and cook them according to the instructions. So if you follow the directions completely, you will have no problems. However, if you find that your chocolate cupcakes take an unusually long time to cook, it could be because you were taking too long in the prep time or you were in for a short while. Usually, it takes about 20 minutes in total. If your recipe calls for it, you may need to increase the bake time by a quarter or a half of an hour.
A good frosting can make your chocolate cupcakes fluffy and delicious. There are many frosting options available. It is best to use thick frosting to ensure that your cake is smooth. You can add chocolate fondue or melted chocolate chips to make your cupcakes moist.
Using this recipe, you will get the best results if you use a 9-inch square pan with a waxed paper cover. This will help prevent air bubbles from forming around the pan, and you will end up with fluffy, perfectly shaped cupcakes. To enhance the flavour, you may sprinkle a small amount of powdered sugar on top of each one. If you wish to add a little more of the chocolate flavour to your cupcakes, you may add melted chocolate pieces or chunks, but try to keep the powder away from these pieces. The final secret to making super moist chocolate cupcakes is to add a little water to the batter before baking.

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