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Foam Mango Cake

Foam Mango Cake

1 hour and 30 minutes total time

Hard wenge dough
Make a well in the flour and mix the butter, sugar and egg in the well. Knead little by little into a smooth dough. Press the dough flat, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180 ºC. Grease the pie ring. Roll the dough on a floured countertop to a thickness of 5 millimeters and cover the pie ring with it. Place a piece of baking paper on the dough and fill with the baking beans. Bake the bottom for about 20 minutes, remove the paper and baking beans and bake for another 20 minutes. Let the soil cool down. Melt the white chocolate au bain marie and brush the bottom with it.

Soak the gelatin in plenty of water. Halve the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the marrow. Keep a dash of mango purée behind and bring in a pan the rest of the mango puree with the vanilla juice to the boil. Stir in the egg yolks with the sugar and the dash of mango puree and stir in the flour. Mix the warm mango puree through the egg mixture, pour back into the pan and stir well. Bring the mango cream to the boil and cook over low heat for about 3 minutes. Squeeze the gelatine and mix through the cream. Stir in the butter and pour the mango cream into the bottom. Cover the cream with plastic wrap and allow the cake to cool for about 30 minutes in the freezer.

Caramelized mango cubes
Cut a mango cap. Peel and cut the rest of the mango into equal cubes. Slowly boil the water with the sugar into caramel. Add the mango cubes and caramelize for about 2 minutes. Drain over a sieve and spread the mango cubes over the mango cream on the cake. Put the cake back in the freezer until the Italian foam is ready.

Italian foam
Bring water with sugar to a boil at 121 ºC. Beat the egg whites stiffly. Pour the syrup drop by drop into the egg white and beat until it is tough and almost cold. Spoon the foam into a piping bag with a Saint-Honoré nozzle. Stick the cocktail stick in the middle of the cake. With the foam, spray nice round strips from the edge to the center of the cake. Remove the cocktail stick and lightly brown the foam with the gas burner. Cut the cap of the mango crosswise and fold the peel. Garnish the cake with the mango and a sprig of mint.


1 portions

Hard wenge dough
300 g flour
200 g of soft butter
100 g of sugar
1 No
100 g of white chocolate

Gekaramelliseerde mangoblokjes
1 mango
100 g of sugar
30 ml water

2 blaadjes gelatine
1 vanilla bean
250 ml mangopuree
2 egg yolks
75 g of sugar
2 tbsp flour
50 g boter

Italian foam
60 ml water
150 g of sugar
3 egg whites

Need extra
plastic foil
pie ring of 18 cm diameter
butter to grease
flower to pollinate
piping bag with Saint-Honoré nozzle
gas burner
1 sprig of mint

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