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When frying, food is cooked dry over high heat. (Photo by: monkeybusiness / Depositphotos)

Oven, grill or stovetop?

When we talk about roasting today, we usually mean grilling, roasting in the pan or in the oven.

Roasting is mostly used to cook meat and is the oldest known cooking technique.

You don’t necessarily need a container for roasting, you just have to be in control of the fire or the hob. However, the type of heat applied has an influence on the cooking process and the taste.

If the meat is tender and short-grained from the start, the core temperature must be set lower. Long-fiber meat needs a longer process to cook, it is braised more than fried. If you salt right at the beginning, the salt will wash out water and the meat will be too dry.

Fry meat and vegetables properly

First of all, this will fat in the vessel strongly heated, then put the food in and sear it on all sidesso that the pores close and no juice can leak out. As soon as you add liquid, the process is called braising.

If the food has browned slightly or a crust has formed, the temperature is reduced and you continue to fry until the food is done.

Roasting potatoes gives them a delicious roasted aroma.Roasting potatoes gives them a delicious roasted aroma. (Photo by: Rawlik / Depositphotos)

Roasting meat

Roasting meat is sometimes an art because you have to make sure that both temperature as well as Roasting time are exactly matched to the type of meat. Otherwise the meat would burn, be less aromatic, or not have a nice crust. Cooking for too long makes the meat tough and dry.

The right temperature to form a nice crust is between 150 ° C and 200 ° C. The temperature inside should not exceed 70 ° C.

Pieces of meat must rest after cooking so that the meat juice can be evenly distributed in pieces and the temperature is equalized.

There are also types of meat and dishes that should only be cooked at low temperatures. These are first seared in a pan over high heat and then cooked in the oven at a lower temperature until the meat is tender.

Frying vegetables, fish or eggs

Fried vegetables are also impressive.Fried vegetables are also impressive. (Photo by: strelok / Depositphotos)

These foods are fried with a dry cooking process, browning and with little fat. The correct temperature is between 160 ° C and 200 ° C. All protein-rich foods are ideal.

The skin of fish or duck should be incised before roasting so that the meat does not contract.

Many vegetable dishes only get theirs through frying typical, aromatic taste. These are, for example, hearty dishes such as fried potatoes or stir-fried vegetables.

Onions and peppers are also ideal for frying in the pan.

You can find more delicious ones here Roast recipes.

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