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Make cake pops yourself

Whether for a children’s birthday party or for another occasion – cake pops always cut a good figure. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)

How do you make cake pops?

Cake pops made from cake batter and frosting

Cake pops are traditionally made from crumbled, cold cake batter, mixed with a frosting. Dry batter or sponge cake is suitable as cake batter – it is up to you whether you make it yourself or buy a finished product.

As a frosting for cake pops, for example:

This mass is then formed into balls and placed on wooden sticks (approx. 20 cm long) or on special cake pop or lollipop sticks, where they can slowly set. So that the cake pops stick well on the stick, dip them approx. 1 cm deep in melted chocolate or icing, then immediately place the cake pops on top and place in the freezer or refrigerator for approx. 30 minutes.

If the mass is too sticky, simply put it in the refrigerator for at least a quarter of an hour.

If the dough balls fall off the stems, they may be too big or too heavy or the dough is too dry. To do this, form smaller balls out of the mixture or add some chocolate, cream cheese or icing under the cake batter.

Cake pops with a cake pop maker

If you don’t want to spend time crumbling it, a cake pop maker can be used. These resemble a waffle iron and bake the batter in a perfect, round shape.

Then remove the small cakes from the molds, remove the excess dough, dip the wooden handles in chocolate or glaze as described above and then place the cake pops on them.

Glaze cake pops

Chocolate icing, sugar icing or couverture can be used for coating. Also Mirror glazes are doing great. If you want, you can superimpose two different glazes or color them with food coloring as required.

When glazing, the cake pops should be dipped into the glaze at a slight angle and then turned – so that the glaze can spread out well. Then drain off any excess glaze. Should a spot remain free, it can be covered with glaze with a small spoon.

To prevent the glaze from breaking while drying, the cake pops should not be too cold on contact and the glaze should not be too warm.

How can cake pops be decorated?

Cake pops can be decorated however you like.  The motto here is - the more colorful, the better.Cake pops can be decorated however you like. The motto here is – the more colorful, the better. (Photo by: agneskantaruk / Depositphotos)

Decorating usually makes up the bulk of the work. With great attention to detail, the balls can be transformed into colorful marvels. A wide variety of ideas have become popular over the years – whether they be flower meadows, small planets, cute animal shapes or suitable for special occasions, seasons and seasons, such as children’s birthdays, weddings, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Some like it simple or leave it with the glaze.

In principle, there are hardly any limits to the imagination. The easiest way is with Sprinkles, sugar decorations, smarties or desiccated coconut.

Those who are particularly committed can make small decorations themselves out of marzipan or fondant or use frosting to sprinkle a decoration.

Decorating with popcorn or small pretzels is a little more unconventional, but sometimes also suitable.

When decorating it is important to work quickly, because the decoration should be on the cake pops before the icing dries. So it’s best to have the decoration ready beforehand.

If the glaze is already dry, you can use a few drops of glaze and a toothpick to attach the respective decoration to the cake pops. If the decoration has slipped, it can also be corrected with a toothpick.

How long do cake pops have to dry?

After decorating, the cake pops are ideally placed in a styrofoam sheet to dry. Alternatively, an upturned pasta strainer, a large glass (filled with sugar or flour) or a shoebox (with holes) can be used.

If the cakes are to be presented upside down, they can be placed in muffin tins.

How long it takes to dry depends heavily on the type and consistency of the glaze and decoration.

How long can cake pops keep?

The shelf life depends heavily on the ingredients, of course, but the cake pops usually keep refrigerated for about 6 days. However, they taste best when they are fresh.

How should you store the cake pops?

If the cake pops are to be stored for several days, it is recommended to put them in the refrigerator. To do this, place the dried cake pops in a large plastic or tin box and place some kitchen paper between the layers.

Ideas and suggestions

  • If you are particularly keen and perhaps want to give your guests a surprise or two, you can also fill the inside of the cake pops with jam or another cream.
  • The dough itself can also be provided with food coloring so that when you bite into it, it shines rainbow-colored from the couverture.
  • You don’t have to make the cake pops spherical, you can also make them in cylindrical or square shapes.

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