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Baking is one of the most popular preparation methods.Baking is one of the most popular preparation methods. (Photo by: AndreyPopov / Depositphotos)

Baking: General information on the cooking method

Baking is a cooking method in which the baked goods by means of hot and dry air at a Temperature of approx. 100-250 ° C is cooked in the oven. The modern ovens are precisely adjustable.

With this cooking method, the baked goods are initially loosened, but solidify during the process and are ultimately cooked and browned. When browning, roasted aromas develop on the surface of the baked goods.

The baked goods

Bread, cake, pizza or biscuits are very often made in the oven from different types of dough, but vegetables, pasta, meat or fish can also be baked in the form of casseroles or pies.

The baked goods are either in a shape or even without a shape on one Baking sheet or on one Grating baked.

Circulating air, top and bottom heat: When is which oven setting used?

For the perfect baking result and to save electricity, energy and time, it is important to use the different operating modes correctly.

Top heat

If, for example, roasts, gratins or casseroles are to have a brown crust, this oven setting is ideal.

Bottom heat

With this setting, the heat only affects the underside of the food. This mode can be used, for example, if a fruit cake should brown a bit.

Top and bottom heat

With top and bottom heat, the inside of the baked goods remains beautiful juicy and also receives a crispy crust.

Generate it Heating coilslocated on the ceiling and in the floor of the oven, the necessary heat. With the correct selection of the shelf height, the effect of the top and bottom heat on the baked goods can be varied or adapted. It is usually advisable to use the middle shelf height for the baked goods.

This oven setting is ideal for the following dishes:

Unfortunately with this oven setting only one baking sheet at a time be used. Another disadvantage is that of the oven preheated must be, which increases the energy consumption.

circulating air

With the circulating air setting, a fan for good air distribution and even cooking of the baked goods. The entire interior of the oven has the same temperature.

One of the clear advantages of forced air is that several sheets can be baked on top of each other on different levels and thus several dishes can be prepared at the same time.

This oven setting is particularly suitable for dry baked goods, such as:

This makes the pastry special crispy. A clear advantage over top and bottom heat is that the Oven not preheated must become. In addition, baking is done at a lower temperature than with top and bottom heat, which in turn saves time and energy.

The temperature and baking time vary depending on the oven model and the food.The temperature and baking time vary depending on the oven model and the food. (Photo by: Maximkostenko / Depositphotos)

Hot air

Hot air ensures that the heat is distributed even more evenly than with circulating air in the oven. Because of the higher heat development no preheating of the oven, this can also reduce the baking time.

Conversion table from top and bottom heat to circulating air

To convert top and bottom heat to circulating air, simply subtract 20 degrees from the specified temperature.

Top and bottom heat circulating air
150 degrees 130 degrees
160 degrees 140 degrees
170 degrees 150 degrees
180 degrees 160 degrees
190 degrees 170 degrees
200 degrees 180 degrees
210 degrees 190 degrees
220 degrees 200 degrees
230 degrees 210 degrees
240 degrees 220 degrees

In addition to the reduced temperature, the baking time should also be taken into account, as this is usually reduced when using forced air.

Use of a firebrick

A pizza or fireclay stone is particularly suitable for dishes that are baked at high temperatures, such as bread.

The stone becomes strong in the furnace for a long time heatedDuring this process, it stores the heat and the temperature is released very quickly, and the stone also absorbs excess moisture from the baked goods.

With this method, a significantly faster cooking and a crispier crust can be achieved.

As soon as the stone is hot, the stove is switched off. The cooking time of a pizza is then, for example, only about 5 minutes.

Tips for proper baking

Not only biscuits and the like can be prepared in the oven, savory casseroles too.Not only biscuits and the like can be prepared in the oven, savory casseroles too. (Photo by: chudo2307 / Depositphotos)
  • The cooking time always correlates with the temperature, but you must also ensure that the baked goods do not brown too much. If this happens, there is the option of placing the baked goods on top Aluminum foil to protect it from further browning, but to continue cooking. This can also happen very quickly with casseroles if they are prepared without cheese. If a dish is gratinated with cheese, the cheese represents a kind of protective layer, which means that the baked goods below will continue to cook, but not darken.
  • If meat is coated with batter and then baked, the aromas are retained in the meat and the gentle cooking method makes it particularly tender.
  • If a casserole is baked with pasta, the pasta does not need to be pre-cooked, provided the casserole contains enough liquid.

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