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Simple cheesecake

1. Crumble biscuits

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For the cake base, first roughly chop 300 grams of shortbread biscuits and finely crumble them using a mixer or food processor.

2. Prepare the cake base

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Now melt 130 grams of butter and combine with a pinch of salt and 100 grams of sugar with the biscuit crumbs and knead into a uniform dough.

3. Press down

Cheesecake (Photo by: dolphy_tv / Fotolia)

Line the base and the frame of a cake ring with baking paper, spread the dough in it and press it down evenly using a drinking glass. Then cover the pan and put in the fridge.

4. Dissolve the gelatine

Cheesecake (Photo by: dolphy_tv / Fotolia)

In the meantime, soak 6 sheets of gelatine in water according to the instructions on the packet, then warm up slightly and dissolve the gelatine sheets in it.

5. Prepare the quark cream

Cheesecake (Photo by: dolphy_tv / Fotolia)

Now put 600 grams of quark in a bowl, add 200 ml of milk, 1 packet of vanilla sugar and 200 grams of sugar and stir to a smooth mass.

6. Add gelatin

Cheesecake (Photo by: dolphy_tv / Fotolia)

Now stir in the slightly cooled gelatine.

7. Spread the mixture on the dough base

Cheesecake (Photo by: dolphy_tv / Fotolia)

Take the firm biscuit base out of the refrigerator, spread the quark cream evenly over it and put the cake in the cold again for at least 4 hours and let it set.

7. Decorate the cheesecake

Cheesecake (Photo by: dolphy_tv / Fotolia)

Then carefully remove the cake from the cake ring, remove the ring and serve the cake decorated with fresh strawberries.

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