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Poaching – Cooking Method

Poaching eggs

Poached egg is the highlight at breakfast. With a few tricks you will definitely succeed. (Photo by: robynmac / Depositphotos)

The technique of poaching was first used to prepare lost eggs. Here, the egg yolk in the water is enveloped by the egg white.

This is possible on the one hand by skillfully adding the ice to the water, on the other hand by the correct temperature of the water.

In order to be able to poach, the water must be hot to cook the food – on the other hand, it must not boil, otherwise the structure of the food could be destroyed.

Poaching can also be described as a gentle cooking process.

The ideal temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees – it can either be measured with a thermometer or judged by feeling (the water must not boil!).

It is advisable to first bring the water to a boil and then switch off the stove.

Fish, pork & pasta dishes

Fish, meat and vegetables can also be poached.Fish, meat and vegetables can also be poached. (Photo by: vkuslandia / Depositphotos)

In addition to the lost eggs, there are many dishes that can only be cooked this way as they should be.

This method is particularly suitable for cooking fish and some meat preparations – but pork or poultry meat should be cooked to kill germs.

If the water temperature is too high, dumplings would break down into their components.

Fillets of fish, pork, beef etc., on the other hand, would become tough in boiling water – they keep their juicy structure when poached.

Sausages of all kinds could burst if the heat is too high – here too, cooking is a very good alternative.

Even with Italian gnocchi, poaching gives a better result than cooking. With this method, it is easier for the cook to enrich the taste – herbs and aromas can be added to the poaching water, which the food can absorb better thanks to the gentle cooking.

Sweet desserts

Sweet flan is a popular dessert, especially in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.Sweet flan is a popular dessert, especially in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. (Photo by: diogoppr / Depositphotos)

Aside from savory main courses, there are also numerous sweet desserts that use this technique.

They include, for example, the flan (caramel pudding), which is served in small bowls and then heated in a water bath. The egg contained in it stagnates and gives the pudding its consistency. It is therefore possible, for example, to poach several small bowls in a large bowl filled with water in the oven.

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