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Low fat cooking

Many diseases of civilization can be traced back to an unhealthy diet. (Photo by: Syda_Productions / Depositphotos)

Cholesterol conscious food

But in most cases you don’t even have to follow a strict diet to effectively lower the crucial cholesterol level.

Cholesterol-conscious eating no longer means having to do without meat, eggs or the flavor carrier fat completely.

It all depends on the right amount or “lighter” alternative.

Low-fat potato dishes

Boiled and jacket potatoes are a healthy and fat-free alternative to fried potatoes, croquettes and other fried types of preparation, especially French fries.

Healthy side dishes

As side dishes, you can also use whole grain rice and whole wheat pasta without eggs, which are also better than the usual household rice or the usual types of pasta.

If a few tips are followed, it is no longer that difficult to cook low-fat.If a few tips are followed, it is no longer that difficult to cook low-fat. (Photo by: Lenets_Tatsiana / Depositphotos)

Choose meat, fish and sausages carefully

When it comes to meat, it is better to avoid dishes with fatty pork, beef and lamb, and offal such as liver and kidneys are also rarely on the menu. Although they are rich in iron and vitamins, they also contain plenty of cholesterol and uric acid – and are therefore more likely to be polluted.

Use lean meat instead or replace it with tofu and soy products.

If you switch to poultry, keep in mind that this is where most of the fat is under the skin, so it’s better not to eat it – no matter how crispy it is.

Also be careful with breaded food, as it particularly likes to absorb fat.

Also choose your sausage types carefully; Salami, pies and sausages, for example, contain a lot of hidden fats.

And also with the types of fish, although the omega-3 fatty acids are always mentioned with such praise, there are high-fat (such as eel or herring), medium-fat (such as carp or trout) and low-fat (such as pikeperch or cod).

Healthy fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are simply part of the low-fat kitchen.Fresh fruits and vegetables are simply part of the low-fat kitchen. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)

Instead of sweetened canned fruit, it is better to use fresh seasonal fruit or frozen fruit – but without whipped cream.

All vegetables, legumes and salads are also ideal for low-fat cuisine.

Avoid fatty sauces when preparing vegetables and salads. Cream and creme fraƮche are therefore rather taboo, choose low-fat alternatives or soy-based products. This also applies to milk, yoghurt (both then less than 1.8 percent) and cheese (less than 45 percent fat). For example, low-fat curd and cottage cheese are good solutions.

Cook and fry low-fat

And wherever possible; save fat for frying and cooking.

Tip: You can do without it in the Teflon pan, it doesn’t even belong in the pasta water, it can be skimmed off from the meat broth and potato pancakes always belong on kitchen paper to dab off, to name a few examples.

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