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How to prepare fish properly

When buying fish, attention should be paid to its quality and freshness. (Photo by: tycoon / Depositphotos)

It is best to leave the basics to the fishmonger, because he has the handles – and if necessary also the right tools at hand, whether it is about scaling or filleting.

Tip: Pay attention to “whole” fish clear eyes and red, slimy-free gills. The smell should be fresh. If you have “cut up” fish, you should look for smooth, shiny pieces.

roast meat

Roasting is the easiest way of preparation and actually suitable for every fish. To do this, first acidify the fillet or the whole fish (drizzle with lemon juice or vinegar) and only add salt shortly beforehand.

Heat butter or oil in a pan, then add sprigs of herbs and a little garlic with the fish as you like. Fry this on each side over medium heat for 3-4 minutes.

Tip: If you turn the fish in a little flour beforehand, it will be crisp on the outside.

Frying the fish is one of the most popular cooking methods.Frying the fish is considered the most popular cooking method. (Photo by: mishoo / Depositphotos)


Poaching is one gentle cooking methodthat especially for Sea fish suitable is. Background: Your firm flesh does not disintegrate so easily.


Whole fish are primarily used for cooking in hot, but not boiling, liquid.

Very important: The liquid should never boil bubbly, but always simmer slightly. This means that the temperature must always be just below the boiling point!

Steam cooking

For steam cooking you need a pot with a sieve attachment. First fill the pot about 3 centimeters with water and bring to a boil. Then put the fish on the sieve and hang it in the steam over the boiling water, close the lid. Depending on the fillet size and thickness, the cooking time is only 5-8 minutes, but under certain circumstances it can be 12-15 minutes or more.

Fish is easy to prepare and very healthy with the right instructions.Fish is easy to prepare and very healthy with the right instructions. (Photo by: fotovincek / Depositphotos)

Prepare in the foil

Assume similar times for foil cooking. Its advantage: the fish stews in its own juice and becomes special aromatic. To do this, put the fish with a little liquid such as stock or white wine in aluminum foil, before sealing it “leak-proof” add a few pieces of vegetables and sprigs of herbs and, if desired, garlic, ginger or lemon wedges.

Then cook the wrapped fish in the oven on the wire rack.

Rule of thumb: the thinner the fish, the shorter the cooking time. By the way, fish is cooked if you can easily do the following: If the fins and bones can be easily pulled out, if the skin can be easily lifted off the fish meat, if the fish meat flakes off when you press the fork and / or if the eyes protrude and become cloudy are colored.

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