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Healthy cooking: Tips and useful information for everyday life

Eating healthy and cooking healthily is often easier than expected. (Photo by: Subbotina / Depositphotos)

Different reason

Healthy cooking can have different accents.

For some it can be the decision for vegetarian diet be easy for the next one whole food, come for the third only fresh products on the table, another swears by his own Kitchen herb garden.

In individual cases, however, healthy cooking can also mean meeting special personal needs – such as in the case of gluten or lactose intolerance or all other types of food allergies.

Health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can also make special “healthy” cuisine necessary.

Fruit is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet.Fruit is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. (Photo by: Almaje / Depositphotos)

Freshly cooked is healthier

If you want to cook healthily, you should try to do it Finished products avoid, exceptions prove the rule. Even an occasional fast food slip does not fundamentally call a healthy nutritional concept into question. But ready-made and quick meals usually contain too much salt or sugar, the rather unhealthy fats and, on top of that, usually too little fiber. And in the case of ready meals, there are often additives that make them better and longer shelf life, but are not necessarily beneficial for the human organism.

Proper planning

Tip: To keep up the healthy kitchen, cook with foresight and planning. If you are cooking fresh, there is nothing wrong with preparing larger quantities if the dishes can be reheated well or frozen for later.

If you’ve ever been peeling potatoes, why not cook a few more that can be turned into dumplings or fried potatoes the next day? Even “too much” rice and noodles can be quickly “lengthened” the next day with freshly blanched vegetables into a casserole or a colorful pan.

Herbs should preferably be used to season dishes.Herbs should preferably be used to season dishes. (Photo by: lisovskaya / Depositphotos)

If possible, always try to add a fresh one to the “precooked” element, then the balance in terms of vitamins and nutrients will quickly be right again.

Besides that: Take advantage of the gentler cooking methods like searing or stewing so that no ingredients “overcook”. Modern Teflon pans help to reduce fat / oil consumption.

When seasoning, make sure that you cannot replace or at least reduce salt with something else, such as intense herbs.

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