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Cooking with the mixer

Numerous dishes can be prepared using a stand mixer. (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia / Depositphotos)

One mixer for everything

A blender is not only suitable for preparing fruit juices or chopping food. A wide variety of dishes can also be prepared with little effort. For example ice cream with a wide variety of fruits. There are no limits to the imagination and your own creations are just as possible as using recipes from cookbooks or the Internet.

You can also conjure up delicious soup in the mixer. Simply put the desired ingredients, i.e. vegetables and spices, into the blender and mix with hot water. The result is impressive, because the mixing process ensures a fine consistency and also has the advantage that hardly any vitamins are lost. The time required is also very little, which is why there is no longer any reason to resort to unhealthy bag soup.

Spreads and pies of all kinds can also be prepared in the mixer. This is particularly practical for people who follow a vegan diet, because the ingredients can be selected according to their own ideas and the end result is in no way inferior to finished products. On the contrary: using fresh food is particularly healthy.

If you want to bake a cake, you can also use the mixer. At least the dough can be prepared relatively easily this way. However, it is important to use a high-quality device here, as not all mixers are suitable for making dough.

Fruits can be wonderfully processed into a delicious smoothie in the blender.Fruits can be wonderfully processed into a delicious smoothie in the blender. (Photo by: tannjuska / Depositphotos)

What to look out for

A stand mixer can withstand quite a lot, but there are a few things to consider when chopping unusual foods:

  • Of course, no hard shells or seeds should be mixed. These are not only harmful to the device, but also have little to offer in terms of taste.
  • You should also make sure to clean the mixer thoroughly after creation. Coarser foods in particular can get stuck in the device, which is why hard-to-reach areas must be cleaned.

Which mixer is suitable

Among other things, soups can be wonderfully pureed in a stand mixer.Among other things, soups can be wonderfully pureed in a stand mixer. (Photo by: nata_vkusidey / Depositphotos)

Not every mixer is suitable for every type of food. While ice creams or simple soups, for which no particularly solid ingredients are used, can also be prepared with simple models, a stand mixer should be used to reduce the size of solid fruit and vegetables. Devices of this type can be used to prepare a wide variety of delicacies.

Be it cream soups, spreads, shakes or smoothies. Dough for cakes or biscuits can also be made with some stand mixers. High-quality devices are available from Philips or ProfiCook, for example.

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