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Tips and tricks for preparing game meat

Game meat tastes very good and is very healthy. (Photo by: Shaiith79 / Depositphotos)

How is game properly prepared or parried?

There are a few fundamental differences in the preparation and preparation of game meat compared to other types of meat or poultry such as pork, beef or chicken.

The game is best served before cooking Rinsed briefly with cold water and then dabbed with a dry cloth.

Then the whole Outer or silver skin carefully but thoroughly removed. It is best to use a very sharp, rather pointed and flexible knife. The silver skin of game meat is very tough and does not become softer during the cooking process, but rather even tougher. In addition, should also larger accumulations of fat be thoroughly removed from game meat.

Should the game meat when shopping frozen it is best to let it thaw slowly in a saucer in the refrigerator overnight. After thawing, the game meat should be processed immediately and under no circumstances should it be frozen again!

Because game is usually a very strong aroma we recommend the game meat a little before preparation to insert or to pickle.

Ingredients such as:

  • Buttermilk
  • red wine
  • Vegetables and
  • Spices

Those who pickle game meat before preparation should do this for at least 1-2 days leave to marinade. A red wine marinade can later be used to pour over the meat when cooking.

The most popular ways to prepare game

The very lean meat contains a lot of vitamin B, protein and numerous minerals and therefore requires a gentle cooking method.

The most popular ways of preparing game meat are mainly:

  • frying in the pan
  • slow roasting in the oven
  • the gentle stewing in liquid

Game can also be steamed, poached, grilled or hot smoked.

The best ways to cook venison

roast meat

When roasting game meat, play primarily heat and Degree of browning a crucial role.

The best results when roasting game meat are achieved if you use one cast iron roaster used in the preparation.

When roasting, you should pour the game meat several times with your own gravy or homemade game stock and, ideally, cover it with a few strips of bacon so that the meat does not dry out.


This cooking method is particularly suitable for game fowl or tender fillets.

When poaching, it is important to ensure that the cooking liquid or the stock used for poaching must never boil. The ideal temperature of the cooking liquid is around 80-90 ° C below the boiling point.


Steaming game meat is one of the gentlest and lowest calorie preparation options and is particularly suitable for medallions from the back.


Braising is a very popular method of cooking game meat. This cooking process creates a very intense aroma, because the stock in which the meat is braised is reduced further and further during the cooking process and its aroma multiplies.


Game is also ideal for grilling. Better parts of the game, such as the back or the fillet, should be used for this.

Of course, you get better flavors from the charcoal grill than from a conventional grill pan.

When grilling, optimal heat and a short cooking time play an important role, as otherwise the meat can dry out quickly.


Smoking is also a possible cooking method for venison. Cured back fillets of roe deer or stag are ideal for smoking, but also the breast of wild fowl such as pheasant or partridge.

Here are a few recipe recommendations for making delicious game dishes:

Game cooking times

The cooking times of venison hardly differ from other types of meat. Basically, game meat should be well cooked become, which is why a Core temperature of 80 ° C exceeded should be. This core temperature is particularly suitable for less tender pieces of meat such as shoulder, leg, game goulash, etc.

A pink roasted venison fillet or a juicy roasted saddle of venison should never be heated above a core temperature of 55-58 ° C.

The cooking point of the piece of meat can be determined with the help of a Meat thermometers or simply with the Fingers detect. If the meat yields slightly when you press it with your finger, the core is nice and pink. This would be the ideal cooking point for tender pieces of venison. If the meat does not give in to pressure, it is completely cooked through. This cooking point is more suitable for dishes such as braised game shoulder.

Which spices harmonize ideally with venison?

Various spices such as pepper, juniper or rosemary support the meat's own flavor.Various spices such as pepper, juniper or rosemary support the meat’s own flavor. (Photo by: Shaiith79 / Depositphotos)

Game goes well with spices such as:

When preparing venison, it is better to reduce the use of salt and instead rely more on the use of spices, because these support the natural flavor of the game meat and emphasize the game taste even better.

Which side dishes go best with game dishes?

Only when accompanied by the right side dish will the game dish turn into a culinary delight.

There are numerous classic as well as many modern side dishes, which are an ideal accompaniment to game dishes.

Classic side dishes for game

These include:

Ideal side dishes for game meat are best mild and balanced in taste and thus the ideal carrier for the fine aromas of game meat.

Vegetables as an accompaniment to game

Game meat opens up even more exciting combination options:

In addition to these classic side dishes, it also plays fresh vegetables plays an important role as an accompaniment to game dishes.

If vegetables are served with game, you should always make sure that the vegetables have enough flavor of their own or are spicy enough so that they do not look bland compared to the game.

The ideal vegetable side dishes for game are, for example:

Saturated side dishes, but also fruit and vegetable side dishes, harmonize very well with game.Saturated side dishes, but also fruit and vegetable side dishes, harmonize very well with game. (Photo by: Shaiith79 / Depositphotos)

Fruit as an accompaniment to game meat

A final kick can be achieved with game dishes if you also use a combination with fruit.

The sweetness of the fruit harmonizes perfectly with game meat and underlines its spicy taste even more.

The following are particularly ideal for a combination with game:

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