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How to cook rice

In addition to long and short grain rice, there are countless other varieties. (Photo by: Merlin7125 / Depositphotos)

In view of the fact that there are said to be around 120,000 types of rice worldwide, it is almost astonishing that the trade is primarily limited to the distinction between long-grain rice and short-grain rice. And then again in those that distinguish between translucent and cloudy grain.

Real fans of the small grain, however, consciously differentiate between individual rice varieties that they also use for different dishes:

  • Sushi is easier with sticky Japanese rice varieties
  • creamy risotto works best with Italian arborio rice
  • Basmati or fragrant rice is ideal for Asian cuisine
  • a paella, on the other hand, is prepared with the grainy Spanish bomba rice. So-called wild rice (also Canadian or Indian rice) does not belong to the genus rice from a botanical point of view – but is prepared in the same way. So, portion the amount of travel you want and set it aside.

Tip: The good old coffee cup is a good help for portioning; one cup equals one serving.

Prepare rice

If rice does not stick together during cooking, it is advisable to wash it before cooking.If rice does not stick together during cooking, it is advisable to wash it before cooking. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)

Whether you wash it before cooking depends on what you want to do with the rice. The rice is usually dried, peeled and polished after harvest. This leaves rice dust that sticks to the rice grain. This starch makes the rice stick together when it is cooked, which is also helpful for rice pudding, sushi or the rice side dish for a menu with chopsticks. Those who prefer grains of rice that trickle should wash them.

Cooking rice properly

With us, rice is usually boiled in four to five times the amount of slightly sparkling salt water and cooked in an open pot.

To continue the tip from just now: If you measure at least two cups of water, or preferably three, for a cup of raw rice, there is little risk of the rice boiling down. With some Asian varieties such as Basmati, only two to three times the amount is recommended anyway, as these are steamed in a closed pot, where the rice then swells at reduced heat. It is best to always read the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The cooking times vary depending on the variety, so you should follow the information on the packaging. On average you can get around 20 minutes of cooking time go out. Stir occasionally so that nothing boils on the bottom.

Cooked rice is a popular side dish.Cooked rice is a popular side dish. (Photo by: rocharibeiro / Depositphotos)

Finally, pour off the remaining cooking water and fold in a little butter to taste – and serve as a side dish.

Keyword boiled rice. There is no difference in quality or taste from the loose counterpart. It’s just already portioned. Admittedly, nothing goes wrong when pouring, and you can’t try how soft or firm it is. And many do not feel like handling the hot bag, which you have to cut open and empty before serving.

Our recipe tips:

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