Cake Recipes
    November 5, 2018

    Foam Mango Cake

    Foam Mango Cake PREPARATION METHOD 1 hour and 30 minutes total time Hard wenge dough Make a well in the…
    4 days ago

    Quick nut cake – recipe

    The recipe for the quick nut cake is the ideal solution when guests register spontaneously. ingredients For 8th Servings 200…
    Cooking instructions
    3 days ago

    Cooking vegetables

    Vegetables should be on the menu every day; they are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. (Photo by: luckybusiness /…
    6 days ago

    Cotton cake – recipe

    The cotton cake lives up to its name. This recipe creates a particularly fluffy and juicy dough. ingredients For 4th…
    Cake Recipes
    September 21, 2018

    Chocolate Butter Cupcake Recipe

    Gourmet cupcakes with chocolate butter and cream. INGREDIENTS For 4 people For the biscuit (s) Biscuit (s) Small Butter: 12…
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